Wednesday, February 13, 2013

White+White's Guide To The Perfect Valentine's Day....

Love me? Love me not? It's the age old question that has us in a tail spin for much of our adolescent lives...until we find the 'one' that is...or at least the one that we are crushing on at that given moment! Here at White+White, we love nothing more than coming up with stylish ways to make sure that we're firmly in the 'love me' camp.

Red has always been synonymous with passion and seduction but this year why not make pink your choice to make the boys wink? Creating a sweetheart table for two at home using pink lisianthuses, avalanche roses and ranunculuses from Bouquet Boutique to seduce your darling means you'll be earning brownie points well into the autumn.

Nothing is sweeter than showing your crush in the office just how much you care than with a playful cupcake from Poppy Cakes at the Emporium arcade in Fortitude valley Maybe leave it coyly on his desk to get him guessing and keep the mystery of the gorgeously thoughtful gal a little longer.

Let's not forget the other loyal loves in our lives! Lavish them with love at the day spa grooming salon  at the Pet Pad in New Farm followed by their favourite doggie dinner and topped off with gourmet biscuits of course. 

Picnics have long been on our radar for the ultimate in laid back romance. Who needs a packed out, overpriced restaurant anyway? The only snag in the master plan being that creating one yourself can often be a bit of a time consuming chore. We adore the incredible choice of goodies from Tognini's who can lovingly whip up a perfect picnic hamper for you and yours truly. An amazing and unique first date choice as well as for couples who already know each other inside out.

And Guys, if time is simply running away with you then don't worry because we are head over heels for the Spicers Balfour boutique hotel in New Farm A stunning 9 bedroomed queenslander comes with a beautiful roof top bar that you just can't beat for cocktails at twilight and a luxury lie in post date night. 

Monday, February 11, 2013

Reverse Cinematography

Photographs and videos are the most valuable and tangible souvenir of any wedding day and often new creative limits are explored to help commemorate the moment. We have seen many a trend including the disposable camera, the polaroid, the photo booth and of course the wedding day 'highlight' video. However, here at White+White we are excited to have discovered the far more developed art form of wedding cinematography...but in reverse!

Colorado based cinematographers Velare Imaginarium were approached by musician Tim and artist Amy, who wanted something different for their wedding video; more a cinematic celebration of their big day then a recount of it. A piece was developed that didn't rely on gimmicks, overstated video effects or a top 40 hit. It's no secret that inspirational cinematography has certainly developed over the last few years however creative licence has undoubtedly been exercised in this clip.

tim // amy - denver, co from Velare Imaginarium on Vimeo.

Now don't get us wrong-we sincerely understand and appreciate the value of photographing your wedding day but there is something absolutely captivating about images and audio interlaced with family and friends that makes this hard to rule out. In fact, we say don't don't worry about 'one or the other', just do both! A timeless and emotive story is told with such understated style that it's hard not to fall in love with the bride and groom and the beauty that is their union.

Written by Yasmine Rogers.