Friday, June 21, 2013

A beee-autiful baby shower

Age one is now the new twenty-one, didn’t you know? The latest craze in our industry is children’s birthday parties and baby showers. Mothers and fathers are now opting to celebrate these milestones in perfectly orchestrated style. Just taking a flick through the pages of Little One magazine has you cooing over the beautiful baby showers, adorable birthday parties, and charmingly styled nurseries. Be warned; this will make the least cluckiest of women want to reproduce.

These types of events are so much fun to do, simply because our regular clients generally don’t request a bumblebee or a bear themed wedding. Recently, we got to plan and enjoy a “bee-autiful” baby shower at Spring Restaurant in the city. From the location to the cake, the baby shower was all about the spring season and buzzing bumble bees. If you’re thinking of hosting a baby shower or children’s birthday party we have some super hot on-trend ideas for you.

Number one - is it a boy or a girl?! The highlight of a baby shower is announcing whether you’re expecting a wee baby boy or a perfect baby girl. You can be as creative as you like, a favourite is making the announcement via the cake.  Ask the doctor to write down the gender of your unborn and place it in an envelope. Deliver the un-opened envelope to your cake maker and ask them to bake the cake accordingly. The gender will be revealed when you cut into the cake to reveal a blue or pink centre!

Number two – The nappy game. This one is sweeter than the cake. Each guest writes a message on a diaper and places it back in the nappy basket. The mother-to-be then gets to read a new message each time she changes her newborn. While the messages will vary from hilarious to sentimental, it is a perfect reminder to mum and baby of all the support and love they have from family and friends.

Number three – A milk bar. This is a slightly different version of the well-known candy bar. It is perfect for a child’s birthday party, it will keep the kids hydrated as they run around and is also a slightly healthier option to a candy bar. Use some cool drink dispensers, shaped ice cubes, mini milk bottles, and finish off with some creative straws. Perfect!