Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Host at Home!

Hosting your nuptials at home or at a private residence is just something we cannot get enough of! Having your wedding at home creates such a homily feel that truly is priceless. Just recently we  have planned and styled a wedding in the gorgeous hinterland of Upper Kedron and with spectacular views and grounds, the property is the pinnacle of inspiration for all weddings. The sunset was an outstanding foundation for pre-dinner photographs and truly captured the romance shared between our newlyweds.

Our beautiful winter and spring days allows you to plan and create your wonderful day amid the natural surrounds whilst still having the most incredible celebration with all your important family and friends. You can opt for a marquee or simply dine out under the stars and beautifully embellish your outdoor tables. If it’s a soiree by the pool there’s such a great opportunity to create breath taking lighting, or if it’s a countryside wedding on the family farm, accentuate the space’s natural features and say your vows under that big tree you know so well.

If you don't have access to a beautiful property with rolling hills why not hire one? There is an abundance of private properties particularly around the Byron Bay hinterland that are available to rent. Here are just a couple of the amazing properties Unique Estates have on offer.

Images courtesy of Studio Sixty, Annieyn Photography and Unique Estates