Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Host at Home!

Hosting your nuptials at home or at a private residence is just something we cannot get enough of! Having your wedding at home creates such a homily feel that truly is priceless. Just recently we  have planned and styled a wedding in the gorgeous hinterland of Upper Kedron and with spectacular views and grounds, the property is the pinnacle of inspiration for all weddings. The sunset was an outstanding foundation for pre-dinner photographs and truly captured the romance shared between our newlyweds.

Our beautiful winter and spring days allows you to plan and create your wonderful day amid the natural surrounds whilst still having the most incredible celebration with all your important family and friends. You can opt for a marquee or simply dine out under the stars and beautifully embellish your outdoor tables. If it’s a soiree by the pool there’s such a great opportunity to create breath taking lighting, or if it’s a countryside wedding on the family farm, accentuate the space’s natural features and say your vows under that big tree you know so well.

If you don't have access to a beautiful property with rolling hills why not hire one? There is an abundance of private properties particularly around the Byron Bay hinterland that are available to rent. Here are just a couple of the amazing properties Unique Estates have on offer.

Images courtesy of Studio Sixty, Annieyn Photography and Unique Estates

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Queensland's most exclusive wedding gala goes Gatsby for 2013 showcase

Here at white+white we are super excited about getting all dolled up in our best Gatsby gear to celebrate this years showcase for The Wedding Collective and we can't wait to see you there! The Wedding Collective will unveil its Gatsby extravaganza at Mirra Private Dining in Fortitude Valley on 21st August 2013.

Not your typical bridal expo, The Wedding Collective boasts interactive displays covering all aspects of wedding planning including styling, photography, catering, florals and stationery together with bridal party fashions.

Guests attending the 2013 showcase, hosted by Channel 7 presenter Kimberley Busteed, will have the chance to win a major prize draw sponsored by SPICERS Balfour Hotel and sneak a peak at George Wu's latest collection reserved for the 2013 Mercedes Benz fashion week.

Tickets can be purchased via the below link and don't forget to sneak peek at the beautiful promo clip to see what you can expect of the night.     
We ❤ the Gatsby era!


DATE: Wednesday 21st August 2013

WHERE: Mirra Private Dining (Fortitude Valley)

TIME: 7:00pm - 9:00pm

ENTRY: $15 per ticket

TICKETS: Purchase here

The Wedding Collective is comprised of Queensland's leading wedding artisans in style and service including:

* white+white Weddings and Events
* Wedding Films by Samantha Fletcher
* Wil Valor
* Epic Empire
* Cake Star
* Amini Concepts
* Bouquet Boutique
* The Babushka Ballerina
* Urban Weddings
* Stewart Ross Photography
* Wedding Bling
* Rush Entertainment 


Photography - Stewart Ross Photography
Film- Wedding Films by Samantha Fletcher 

Friday, June 21, 2013

A beee-autiful baby shower

Age one is now the new twenty-one, didn’t you know? The latest craze in our industry is children’s birthday parties and baby showers. Mothers and fathers are now opting to celebrate these milestones in perfectly orchestrated style. Just taking a flick through the pages of Little One magazine has you cooing over the beautiful baby showers, adorable birthday parties, and charmingly styled nurseries. Be warned; this will make the least cluckiest of women want to reproduce.

These types of events are so much fun to do, simply because our regular clients generally don’t request a bumblebee or a bear themed wedding. Recently, we got to plan and enjoy a “bee-autiful” baby shower at Spring Restaurant in the city. From the location to the cake, the baby shower was all about the spring season and buzzing bumble bees. If you’re thinking of hosting a baby shower or children’s birthday party we have some super hot on-trend ideas for you.

Number one - is it a boy or a girl?! The highlight of a baby shower is announcing whether you’re expecting a wee baby boy or a perfect baby girl. You can be as creative as you like, a favourite is making the announcement via the cake.  Ask the doctor to write down the gender of your unborn and place it in an envelope. Deliver the un-opened envelope to your cake maker and ask them to bake the cake accordingly. The gender will be revealed when you cut into the cake to reveal a blue or pink centre!

Number two – The nappy game. This one is sweeter than the cake. Each guest writes a message on a diaper and places it back in the nappy basket. The mother-to-be then gets to read a new message each time she changes her newborn. While the messages will vary from hilarious to sentimental, it is a perfect reminder to mum and baby of all the support and love they have from family and friends.

Number three – A milk bar. This is a slightly different version of the well-known candy bar. It is perfect for a child’s birthday party, it will keep the kids hydrated as they run around and is also a slightly healthier option to a candy bar. Use some cool drink dispensers, shaped ice cubes, mini milk bottles, and finish off with some creative straws. Perfect!

Friday, May 31, 2013

A Guide to Interning at white+white

Five hundred and sixty-eight… the estimated number of candles I have lit and blown out in my experience so far as an intern at white+white. Being part of the white+white team has given me a great insight into planning weddings and events. From lighting candles and compiling RSVPs, to meeting Matt Moran and watching the groom’s face as his bride walks down the aisle – I have adored every moment.

 My friends are often in awe of the photographs I send and would love to be a fly-on-the-wall during a beautiful wedding. However, there is a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes. So here is a guide to being an intern at white+white. 

On a typical day, walk into the studio, pat Zarla, and be prepared with your pen, paper, phone, and Mac Book. You need to check the post office and be familiar with the layout of Office Works.  Sometimes, you will even need to venture to Hermes for an errand… it’s a hard life.

You need to be a good communicator. There are a lot of phone calls, emails, and meetings behind an event. Your Mac Book will be your best friend – iCal, Google maps, Google reviews, Google in general, Mail, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Preview, and Pinterest will all be operating simultaneously. Having a love of chai will aid you throughout your day.

You need to be creative. Beautiful events don’t create themselves. Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration, combined with Tumblr, Facebook, interior design books, and piles of bridal magazines. You now have a legitimate reason to purchase bridal magazines whilst single. The studio is full of creative professionals, so you will easily get some feedback or help if you need it.

 You need to be calm and organised. This particularly applies to event days.  Study the run sheet and bring one with you. A clipboard and pen is always handy too, and you will secretly enjoy holding the all-powerful clipboard. Make sure you are well presented and ensure your bride is calm too.

The best part is when you finally get to see all the emails, phone calls, time, and meetings transform into a fantastic affair. Even better is when you get to taste Aria canapés. The atmosphere often surrounding an event is celebration, you will walk away feeling happy, proud, and even a little sad that it’s over.

So now you know. Being an intern at white+white involves communication, creativity, organisation, and can even involve a 5am trip to Tesselaar’s. At the end of the day however, it is all worth it. I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Day of Firsts

Good old fashion research and relentless internet surfing has led us to our next trend alert and this one’s quite the conversational piece! Not short of, “Oooh’s;” “Wow’s;” and, “Oh my’s;” it has definitely prompted some debate (peppered with the occasional adolescent giggle). As a result of hearing the numerous reactions, we felt compelled to share ‘the morning after’ photo shoot and hear your verdict on the topic.

The ‘morning after’ the wedding night is the latest development in wedding photography. Newlyweds are hiring photographers to capture their first morning as husband and wife. Sounds mild enough right? Well that depends - some like it hot! In fact, the overly risqué and boudoir interpretation of the ‘morning after’ is sky rocketing this subject into discussion forums across the industry.

Researching these brave twosomes proved to be eye-opening. Couples, within hours of the biggest celebration of their lives, invite someone sporting a camera lens into their home to document the intimate moments a husband and wife may share. Many images unapologetically featured dishevelled subjects in various states of undress mimicking that scene from Titanic. Cue the chuckles. The less than evocative approach leaves nothing to the imagination and despite the predominately classic black and white format, the images are far from your classic couples photography.

First impressions aside however, photographing a day of firsts is a refreshing way to celebrate and eternalize your partnership and it can be done without the raunch if this isn’t your style. It presents an opportunity to capture the uncensored emotions of newlyweds whilst in an intimate yet relaxing environment. Inspiration can come from everyday routine; making breakfast, sharing coffee and newspapers or stories and laughter from the previous night’s event. Or perhaps there is a focus in mind for the shoot; brunch with family and friends post wedding, trash the dress or on location watching your first sunrise as a married couple.

Here at White + White we were determined to find you some inspiration and maybe motivate couples to explore what we are now referring to as ‘The Day of Firsts,’ photography.

Image supplied by Latisha Lyn Photography
Image supplied by Latisha Lyn Photography
Image supplied by Elario Photography

Image sourced from Pinterest

Images sourced from Milque
Written by Yasmine Rogers

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ballerina Grace

The biggest and boldest statement of any wedding is the dress. Certainly not isolated from trends, ‘The Dress’ often embodies the most current, or most beloved runway looks. Whether it's an illusion neckline; a mermaid skirt; a keyhole back; lace sleeves; beaded bodice or a luxe Princess Gown, it’s the kind of fashion that most certainly makes a statement. At White + White we've been gazing into our crystal ball to bring you the most definitive bridal look for 2013 and expect it will be the year of the Ballerina Bride!
Refined lace, tousled tulle, exquisite embroidery and flawless silks typically define the ballet-esque bride and therefore allow it to delicately dance between the softer silhouette and the tailored finish.
Presenting an undeniable sense of grace and youthfulness, the ballerina gown exudes femininity while celebrating personal style and expression. Colour, cut, texture and patterned fabrics are toyed with each time to create something individual-perfect for the bride wanting something different.

So if you’re that bride-to-be looking for something different; something with classic lines but refreshing design; something decadent in beauty but equally understated and graceful; something kissed with a little bit of magic; then we recommend the ballerina gown! Such a stunner!
Images supplied by Anaessia.  Guest Blog by Yasmine Rogers.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Behind the scenes of White+White's Photo shoot

It’s 7am and the rain has finally stopped after weeks of horizontal downpours. It must be a good omen. It’s the day of White+White’s first ever photoshoot at Vivid Photography Studio in Kangaroo Point and the sun is blessing us with it’s presence. 

Inspired by a light filled parisienne apartment in the Marais district of Paris, the shoot took 8 weeks of meticulous planning, 7 hours of strenuous pre-shoot preparation, 6 hours of modeling and 3 hours of hair and makeup from Hair By Popular Demand and Desiree. The result was simply stunning.

Cut glass goblets from Hodge Podge Hire dazzled in the sought after sunshine streaming through the window, with sequin dresses, pearls and mercury glass shimmering in the flickering candle light. 

It was a beautiful sight, especially with our beloved border collie, Zarla, bouncing around the gorgeous pieces of furniture from interior boutique, Oliveaux , Amini Concepts, Styled Events and Epic Empire. 

Seductively scented blooms created by Nicole at Stem Design brought the scene to life with spectacular Icebreaker rose heads, blush dahlias and flamingo pink Bella Donna lilies. The intoxicating scent lingered all day as we sneakily tucked into rich chocolate macaroons and turkish flatbreads to keep us going. 

The dinner setting was finished with delicate embossed menu cards dreamt up by talented Cara at The Invitation Station and of course, no dinner party is complete without the finest patisserie desserts. With a mouth-watering selection of the most beautiful cakes we have ever laid eyes on provided by The Cake That Ate Paris, our lifestyle setting was complete. Believe us when we say they taste like heaven too.

All in all, a fabulously exhausting day doing our favourite things: creating beautiful spaces and memories with passion and heaps of fun on the side. Time for a very long snooze and the planning of our next fabulous bespoke wedding.