Friday, May 3, 2013

The Day of Firsts

Good old fashion research and relentless internet surfing has led us to our next trend alert and this one’s quite the conversational piece! Not short of, “Oooh’s;” “Wow’s;” and, “Oh my’s;” it has definitely prompted some debate (peppered with the occasional adolescent giggle). As a result of hearing the numerous reactions, we felt compelled to share ‘the morning after’ photo shoot and hear your verdict on the topic.

The ‘morning after’ the wedding night is the latest development in wedding photography. Newlyweds are hiring photographers to capture their first morning as husband and wife. Sounds mild enough right? Well that depends - some like it hot! In fact, the overly risqué and boudoir interpretation of the ‘morning after’ is sky rocketing this subject into discussion forums across the industry.

Researching these brave twosomes proved to be eye-opening. Couples, within hours of the biggest celebration of their lives, invite someone sporting a camera lens into their home to document the intimate moments a husband and wife may share. Many images unapologetically featured dishevelled subjects in various states of undress mimicking that scene from Titanic. Cue the chuckles. The less than evocative approach leaves nothing to the imagination and despite the predominately classic black and white format, the images are far from your classic couples photography.

First impressions aside however, photographing a day of firsts is a refreshing way to celebrate and eternalize your partnership and it can be done without the raunch if this isn’t your style. It presents an opportunity to capture the uncensored emotions of newlyweds whilst in an intimate yet relaxing environment. Inspiration can come from everyday routine; making breakfast, sharing coffee and newspapers or stories and laughter from the previous night’s event. Or perhaps there is a focus in mind for the shoot; brunch with family and friends post wedding, trash the dress or on location watching your first sunrise as a married couple.

Here at White + White we were determined to find you some inspiration and maybe motivate couples to explore what we are now referring to as ‘The Day of Firsts,’ photography.

Image supplied by Latisha Lyn Photography
Image supplied by Latisha Lyn Photography
Image supplied by Elario Photography

Image sourced from Pinterest

Images sourced from Milque
Written by Yasmine Rogers

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