Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Chair Obsession

If you have been following our FB page this week you will know that it's all about chairs this week at w+w! We have been revealing some of our favourite chairs each day along with styling tips and where you can find them. This weeks blog has been reserved for a very special piece...The Peacock Chair!

The Peacock Chair is one of the most ultimate staples of statement furniture with it's architectural scope and exquisite detail. The peacock's silhouette calls to mind glamourous visions of drinking Singapore Slings by the Raffles pool à la 1930's style. Theme your wedding with a wild-child 70's boho chic vibe and paint the chairs in beautiful sorbet colours inspiring stylish fairytale flare and luxe allure or characterise you moroccan style wedding with a natural cane chair against the delightful bold colours of tangerine, magenta, purple and metallics surrounded by moroccan motif patterns.

Peacock chairs can be used to style the registry signing area at your ceremony or the guest book area at the reception. Set in front of a sophisticated backdrop it could simply be used as a prop in your wedding photos or DYI photobooth.

Embrace the extravagance of this chair and ignite your imagination with this very sought after statement decor piece.

Fleur Wood's Food Fashion Friends book has some delicious visual inspiration for your eyes to feast on while the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of Vogue Living has an article on the Peacock chair showing the variety of materials now being used to create the chair against the ever expanding range of this style.

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  1. We used to have a peacock chair...and now looking at these photos it makes me wonder whatever happened to it!!!