Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A living, breathing, growing wedding reception

Gone are the days of single bloom flowers hanging in mason jars and vintage bottles to give that delicate whimsical feel, today we are talking about a floral explosion where more is more à la "Grandiflora's Celebrations" style!

Last year we saw many a couple forging their DYI skills and creating beautiful mood lighting installations to hang above their tables, now we are beginning to see more floral based ceiling installations. These floral murals are looking to be a huge trend this coming Spring/Summer which falls in line with the opulent, luxurious and OTT wedding styling starting to creep in.

Cascading waterfalls of bracken fern, hydrangeas and berries spilling down across a long decadently styled banquet table as if from a scene of the Mad Hatter's tea party or the Secret Garden.
Nature is being injected into reception styling instead of relying heavily on furnishings to dress the room. Miniature moss covered gardens, hanging napenthe trail, maiden ferns and terrariums filled with succulents or various meat eating plants in a green house.

An enchanted garden party of full and fluffy floral arrangements bursting with colour in baskets, birdcages or wicker lanterns filled to overflowing or even using a sculptural piece as a major prop and basis for your floral installation.

Whatever you choose whether it be bold clouds of colour, swirling trails of ferns, creeping vines or just lots and lots of flowers...SUSPEND IT!!! for a dramatic focal point and a unique reception.

Image courtesy of Grandiflora Celebrations and Amini Concepts and photography by Andrew Lehmann and Stewart Ross Photography.

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  1. Breathtaking to have such OTT floral displays! Unfortunately, this option might be too OTB (over the budget), too, for most couples.